SLRTSupermarket’s diary

SLRT is a rapidly growing supermarket that is backed by Shree Lakshmi Ranganatha Traders, one of the well-established retail companies in South India. Review – How Supermarkets In Bangalore Can Improve Their Sales? suggests that supermarkets should take steps to improve their sales by utilizing different strategies. As such, we will be looking at some strategies which can help you in boosting your sales.

Strategies for Supermarkets to Boost Sales

Alter Location for Items

As per review, you need to alter location of items frequently, like every quarter or month. The benefit will be that customers who want to buy a specific item will go to the usual location where it is stocked, and when they see that it is not present there and something else is stored there, it may well stimulate impulsive purchase.

Placement of Items

According to Bangalore, the popular supermarket in Bangalore, you need to keep items that attract kids on the last 2-3 shelve rows. This way the items will be at eye level of kids and lure them. When kids make a request for purchase of something, it can be really hard for parents to say no to such request.

Similarly, there are many impulse items like candies and gums and you need to keep them close to the checkout counter so that those things can catch attention of people.

Purchase Larger Carts

Best supermarkets in Bangalore like suggests that a shopping cart and space available in such cart provides what is known as subliminal message to customers. If the shopping cart is large and not filled yet then it will suggest to customers that they have not yet covered their total shopping budget for the day and there is scope to do some more shopping.

On the other hand, if there is a small shopping cart and it will easily get filled and a customer will assume that he or she has purchased enough for the day and it is time to go back home.